Cueva del Viento

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Alfredo is an electrical engineering graduate and refrigeration and air conditioning technician by trade, but somehow found time to be an extremely active caving pioneer and to work with several organisations. He has also participated on the Museum of Natural History Cueva del Viento projects.

His keen awareness of environmental issues has inspired him to teach others about nature in general and the world of caves in particular, as shown by his impressive CV:

  1. National Caving and Ravines Instructor at the Spanish Speleological Federation, National Cave Rescue Coordinator and National Speleology Judge.
  2. Director of the Canary Islands School of Speleology (1980-2006) and coordinator of the Canary Islands Speleology Federation
  3. Cave Tour Guide and Teide National Park Guide
  4. President and founder of the Benisahare Tenerife Caving Group (1978)
  5. Vulcanospeleology (volcanic caving) pioneer in the Canary Islands, including explorations, mapping and discoveries in Cueva del Viento
  6. Has participated in numerous national and international Speleology Symposia and Conferences, and published several works on caves in the Canary Islands. Member of the Vulcania magazine team
  7. Pioneer in cave diving in the Canary Islands (diving instructor, holds Canary Islands record for the Atlantida Tunnel in Lanzarote)
  8. Co-author of Catalogo espeleológico de Tenerife (Tenerife Cave Catalogue), among others.
  9. Hobbies: photography, climbing and scuba diving, and of course, caves.
  10. Lead guide at Cueva del Viento since June 2008.



His profession (biologist) and his interest in the environment led to his training as a nature guide, a vocation to which he has devoted most of his working life.

  1. He has a biology degree from the University of La Laguna (1999). Teacher Training Course (CAP) at the Complutense University of Madrid (2001).
  2. Extensive training in Canary Islands wildlife. Participated on several projects in the Teide National Park, including 2003 Inventory of flora and vegetation and 2007 Mammal population control
  3. Guide and coordinator at Barranco del Infierno Special Nature Reserve, Adeje, Tenerife, 2003-2007
  4. Teide National Park guide
  5. Teacher of the Environmental Awareness module of Course for Tour Guides, ICFEM, 2000-2009
  6. Advanced Level English, 2007
  7. Food Handler Training Monitor, 2010
  8. Red Cross volunteer
  9. Hobbies: travelling, trekking and a passion for Guanche history
  10. Cueva del Viento guide since June 2008
  11. Canary Islands Official Tour Guide since December 2013.